AgriLiving (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and AgriLiving EA Ltd in Uganda are managed by a team of professionals from the fields of agriculture, housing and green energy and our business model is simple: we combine our skills to offer sustainable, profitable and socio-economically sensitive agricultural and housing solutions to the problems posed by high food costs, inadequate housing and poor nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa. But we do not stop there.

The AgriLiving village Kibbutz cooperative system

is a concept model of a commercial for profits cooperative developing large farms in rural Africa using Hi-tec irrigation and fertigation (fertilisation) methods and equipements from Israel and building value-added factories on the farms to produce and take finished products for the local and export markets.

The lifestyle of the whole cooperative members working team is uplifted in an agri village style that is demonstrated in this website.

AgriLiving association with 40 years experienced agriculture engineers and marketers making it possible to conceptionlize than plan, build and manage and market complete large agriculture projects