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Core Team

Gil Arbel

(Agronomy, Irrigation)

Trained in Israel and USA, 42 years’ experience. Originally from Israel, educated and trained on a Kibbutz style cooperative.
A South African citizen for over 35 years, an expert using innovative methods to ensure high yields in all kinds of soil.
Works in the field of Agribusiness – conceptualizing, designing, installing, managing, processing, value addition and marketing.
Supply contracts for last 20 years with WOOLWORTHS, PICK n PAY

Ofer Khimchi

(Agronomy, Farm planning)

Trained in Israel. 42 years’ experience in Israel, South Africa, DRC. High tech farming technology, intensive feeding programs, organic composting. Plant production technology, production planning, design and layout of the farm, farm engineering, workforce requirement.

Samuel Gd Balagadde

(Liasoning, Management)

Trained in India and Uganda. 28 years’ experience. A successful and experienced leader, well networked and highly successful in implementing business process improvements, defining company direction, achieving goals, change and optimizing business procedures. Served in various senior management positions in the Government as well as with International development institutions like UNIDO, FAO, ABI TRUST, WHO, African Development Foundation etc.

Krishna Murty

(Marketing, Product development)

Trained in India. Int’l Business, Chemist. 12 years’ experience East Africa. An Agripreneur, seasoned and successful leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative business solutions.
Highly motivated with a proven ability to develop people and commercialize all aspects of a business, he is involved in setting up agribusinesses in Uganda – Novel Ventures Ltd, Agrinova Ventures Ltd and Tropical Agro Enterprises Ltd.

Project Team

Dani Dror


Managing corporate projects for NETAFIM, Isreal
Role: Design, install and handover the irrigation systems
Mega Projects: Senegal – sugarcane plantation

Chris Roed

(Civil Works)

Professional Enigeer, working with CTP Consulting Engineers, South Africa
Role: Civil works, roads, water management, sewage, accommodation
Mega Projects: Agrimining and AgriLiving turnkey projects, DRC

Richard Dahan


B.Sc. (Agronomy), 40 years’ experience in South Africa, DRC
Role: Planning and establishing large scale farms.
Mega projects: ZZ2 Farms - South Africa; Kitoko Foods – DRC

Erez Kedem


B.Sc. (Agronomy), 38 years’ experience in Africa.
Role: Establishing Nursery, selection of right varieties for the location
Mega projects: Mango project- Malawi; Cocoa project – Ghana

Isaac Knafo


B.Sc. (Agronomy), 35 years’ experience in Southern Africa
Role: Start-up manager for initial 2 years, training of local staff and community.
Mega projects: Commercial plantations- Southern Africa

Strategic Advisors

Asher Bohbot

EOH Group

Best performing company on Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Heads South Africa’s largest and most respected IT companies as an engineer turned businessman who believes work life and personal life are all part of the same life and that neither should be squandered.

Wim Murre

Director Primofin

Agronomist himself with experience of more than 25 years in South America and Africa.
The company deals in potatoes, onions, baby carrots and specializes in packaging and distribution of these fresh produce throughout Europe.

Edward GD Wilson

Shelford Corporation

Economist, Worked with World Bank (Washington DC, USA)
Heads company in USA to promote goods out of Africa, has experience of working with Large MNC groups like Cargill, Conagra etc.

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