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Agriliving provides a complete solution to develop, establish and manage small scale sustainable farms within its unique cluster model. Our innovation in cultivation create opportunities for communities to thrive built on valuable experience gained form successful initiatives like the Mushava project in Israel.
We partner with various small-scale farmers across Africa turning them into smart-scale farmers that benefit from our practical experience and passion for sustainable development. Our unique cluster model allows these farmers to maximise profits to achieve economic independence and operational efficiencies that optimize yields which would otherwise not be possible. These partnerships illustrate our commitment towards each project that we get involved in, ensuring a mutually beneficial interest & commitment to achieving success.
What makes our Cluster model concept unique?

Shared value

Tried & tested
business models

Proven sustainable
community development

Innovation in

Decades of hands-on

Our team of
international industry

We conceptualise custom solutions

We plant, execute strategy & manage

We develop sustainable cluster communities

Our Value

Proactive Management

We proactively manage soil health with a strong focus on feeding the microbial community in order to feed our communities

Practical Experience

You will benefit from the key learnings accumulated over the past 45 years through our practical experience in agriculture and our proven cluster farming concept

Passion for farming

Our passion for quality and high tech commercial farming within our unique cluster farming concept


We partner with our farmers and extensive retail network to finds solutions that are profitable for both parties which ensure our commitment towards sustainable excellence

The Unique Agriliving Cluster Farming

Our concept provides a model for sustainable agricultural development which include:
-Shared technical expertise
-Training and practical skills development
-Investment in infrastructure and equipment
-Continued maintenance and support
This model is built on continued support which allow all parties involved to benefit from efficient farming practices which will maximise production and increased profits.

The Agriliving Cluster
Farming Model


Customised Solutions and
Business Plan Development

Marketing Strategy

Long-Term Processing

Investment Infrastructure
and Support

Customised Soil Feeding
and Irrigation Strategy

Hands-on Training
and Development

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Customised Solutions and Business Plan Development

When starting a new project, we conceptualise a customised development plan supported by strategic business plan. This includes a needs analysis of various economical and environmental factors to ensure that the correct high demand crops are selected based on each areas’ unique weather conditions, soil attributes and the availability of water. This process also identifies possible future risk that need to be managed.
We also strike a balance between summer and winter crops in the short term paired with the establishment of orchards with a long term vision in mind.
We also ensure that our plans align with and support relevant local government requirements.

Marketing Strategy

Through the years we have built relationships with some of the largest retail chains both locally and internationally. We work with these retailers to determine the range of high demand crops and ensure that the necessary agreements are in place to sell the produce once harvested.

Value adding through a Long-Term Processing Strategy

We design, build, and manage processing plants which are included in our long-term processing strategy. This allows farmers to create more jobs on their farms where they process and add value to their own produce, increasing their profits allowing for a more sustainable business.

Investment Infrastructure and Support

One of the major challenges small farmers face is access to equipment and the latest technology. We provide the infrastructure - creating a hub with equipment and irrigation available to all the small farmers in the cluster. This provides access to well-maintained high-tech equipment which they can use to increase productivity and profitability.
The hub also includes access to specialised laboratory services which enable farmers to continuously monitor soil composition and soil health.
This unique aspect of our cluster farming concept significantly decreases long term risk of failure.

Customised Soil Feeding and Irrigation Strategy

We conduct environmental and soil analysis and develop our own fertilizer to improve soil health. The composition of the fertilizer is adjusted for each area based on its specific needs and that of the crops planted on that specific farm. The unique mixture is continuously adjusted as these results and crops change over time which form the most important aspect of our customised soil feeding strategy. We furthermore design, install and maintain state of the art drip irrigation to ensure efficient use of this valuable resource.

Hands-on Training and Development

When collaborating with small farmers we take on the responsibility of ensuring that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their farms successfully. Our team of industry experts invest time and effort in hands-on, practical training that attribute to their success.

Our unique cluster farming concept in action

We are working on our latest cluster farming project situated on a small holding outside Stellenbosch. We have partnered with Pinehaven Agriculture to create the first Agriliving cluster in the Western Cape.
The soil preparations have commenced, and unique fertilizer developed which take up to 65 days to mature. We are now in the process of installing the drip irrigation and once complete this farm will be used to produce baby vegetables for the local and export market as well as macadamia and lime trees that will be harvested in the winter months.

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